Hendrickson High School is a National Banner Unified Champion School in Pflugerville, TX

August 27, 2021 | Updated: August 27, 2021

Hendrickson High School lives and breathes Unified. From their sports teams, to their clubs, to their leadership, the Hendrickson community stands by their motto "I say yes". 

When you walk onto Hendrickson's campus, you will immediately feel the welcoming and inclusive-culture that they've so carefully cultivated. “I Say Yes!” became the motto of Hendrickson’s Unified Champions and shaped the culture of the campus as students took ownership of the program and the staff gave them the autonomy to really make it great. You can learn more about Hendrickson High School and their story by watching their Unified Beginnings story on GenerationUnified.org

Special thank you to Logan Fahey Photography for capturing these special memories for HHS. Go Hawks!

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